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Route 66


Route 66

The Complete Online Route-66 Travel Guide

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Plan your Route 66 Road Trip with our online Travel Guide.

Learn all about its attractions, top sights, landmarks, what to see and do, where to stay. How to hire a car and book your hotel.

Use our planning tool to plan the Road Trip of your life!

US Route 66 is a symbol of America, American culture; and a Road Trip along it is a journey into history and nostalgia.

Our Travel Guide is "The Best" online source of information for your Route 66 Road Trip.

Start to Plan your Route 66 Road Trip!

Vintage gas station on Route 66 in Commerce Oklahoma

Sights & Attractions

Things to See and Do on Route 66

Our Travel Guide on Tourist Attractions

Top Ten attractions in each state. The Landmarks on Route 66 and its historic sites.

The interesting spots in each of the cities and small Towns on Route 66.

Image: The 1929 Conoco Hole in the Wall gas station, Commerce, OK

Cone shaped colored hills on Route66

Nature and Outdoors

National and State Parks

Natural landmarks and outdoor activities

Some of America's greatest outdoor scenic spots are located on or near Route 66. Get full information about them: Parks and outdoors

Image: The Tepees, Petrified Forest National Park, Holbrook AZ

Neon sign of Midpoint Cafe

America's Main Street

Route 66: An Icon of American Culture

US Highway 66 has kept that flavor of "Real America" with its friendly people, small town values, Mom-and-Pop stores, vintage service stations, neon signs, motels and diners... a Road Trip along Route 66 is a journey into Americana

Picture: Neon Sign, Midway Café, Adrian, TX

A "Donkeys ahead" sign on Route 66 in Oatman AZ

Legendary Route 66

Historic Highway US 66

Trivia & Fun Facts
Learn about the "Mother Road": Its History, Trivia & Facts.

See its Maps and learn about each state it crosses... Route 66 Facts and FAQ
Detailed description (mile by mile & interactive maps)

Classics like the Whiting Bros. along Route 66

Picture: Donkeys ahead!, Oatman AZ

suitcase full of useful stuff

Tips & Suggestions

Route 66 Travel Guide: tips for a Great Road Trip

How to Plan your Trip, Tips and Advice

Best time to visit?, Weather along Route 66?, Risk of Tornados? and Road Conditions?

Check our interactive Maps, packing and travel advice... How to Plan your Road Trip and our Trip Planning Tool
10 Reasons to Go on a Road Trip
Is Route 66 Dangerous? No it isn't; learn why.

Palomino Motel with its classic 50s neon sign on Route 66

Hotels & Motels

Lodging along Route-66

Relax and unwind

Route 66 has a wide choice of hotels and motels: modern and classic. Some are historic vintage sites where you can rest and enjoy like in the old days.

Find your Hotels on Route 66

Picture: Palomino Motel, Tucumcari NM

Two Classic Route 66 Stops

giant Muffler man holding outsized hot dog

Muffler Men on Route 66s

The Giant Paul Buynans

Eye catchers from the 1960s and 70s

Muffler Men, giants 18 to 25 feet tall (5.5 to 7 m) they are still standing next to US 66.

Picture: Muffler Man holding hot dog, Atlanta IL

Blue concrete whale in pond


The Odd & weird stuff along Route 66

Competition between motels, stores, diners and shops along Route 66 was tough, so they devised eye catchers to lure in their customers: gaudy, garish, absurd and amusing they are the kitschy side of Route 66.

Picture: Blue Whale, Catoosa OK. Larry Myhre

More goodies in our Route 66 Travel Guide:

Advice on Car hire and how to Rent a Motorcycle or Rent an RV.

Travel tips for our International Visitors: Plan your US trip, get your US tourist Visa, book your flights and buy Travel Insurance

Towns and Cities on Route 66

> > City by City Travel Guide with full information on each town along the way (Accommodation, Route 66 sights and stops, mini-historic profile, weather, map).

Route 66, State by State information

A Guide From Chicago to Los Angeles

Plan your trip from California to Illinois, a state-by-state guide on Route 66: its alignment, itinerary, towns and sights, map, things to do, places to visit and more!

< Head West
California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas

Head East >
Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

Route 66 Frequent Questions

US66 shield painted on pavement

Route 66 shield painted on the Pavement, Kingman. A. Whittall

Route 66 Trivia

  • Current length: 2,278 miles (3.665 km)
  • Route 66 crosses the San Andreas fault in a spot known as Blue Cut in Cajon Pass, CA
  • It passed through Eight States: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.
  • The Kansas segment is the shortest of the whole Route 66: barely 13 miles long.
  • The New Mexico segment is the longest of them all: 392 miles.
  • The highway's original length: 2,448 miles in 1926

Brick paved sections of US66

> Read more about Brick paved sections of Route 66.

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Catoosa whale by Larry Myhre

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