Why are we adding a Blog to our Route 66 website?


A website is a very good way to provide information in an organized manner, on specific topics. Ours (www.theroute-66.com) deals with Route 66, its history, attractions, landmarks, and all you need to know about it in order to plan a road trip, family vacations or just drive and enjoy the ride.

However as all websites, it has static content. Although we do update our pages and include new information, in general a web page is “static”.

It is also a one-way communication, it isn’t interactive, you can’t post comments or provide feedback to the website. It lacks interactivity. Yes, you can write us an email (info@theroute-66.com), but it is just a one-on-one conversation which is not shared with the other visitors of our website.

A blog on the other hand has fresh content that is updated regularly, it can be informative and educational without being as formal as a website. It allows an interchange of ideas, useful content and interactivity. It allows for the “human connection”.

We can approach other subjects that are related to road trips, provide tips, updates with news, events and share information that our visitors send us.

We hope that you enjoy our blog and of course share your thoughts with us!

Thank you.

Austin Whittall

Reposted in our new host on the first day of 2023.

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